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Daniel Torkelson Strenge
Memorial Education Fund

The Daniel Torkelson Strenge Memorial Education Fund is being created to honor the legacy of a son, brother, and friend who, simply put, loved to learn.
Daniel embodied curiosity - as an avid reader and systems thinker, he sought to deeply understand how the world has come to be, and what may contribute to a better future. In adulthood, Daniel and his brother Nathan talked at length about reimagining education as a catalyst to shape a better world, and they dreamed of starting a school together. The school they began envisioning back in 2013 before Dan’s death in December of 2014 opened in 2021 -
that school is Exploration High School. 

Your contribution will be matched! Through the last day of school (June 14), join our campaign to match a $20,000 gift through the Daniel Torkelson Strenge Memorial Education Fund.


Checks can be made out to "Exploration High School" and mailed to

229 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

THANK YOU for building a great future through Exploration High School and its students.

The Fund will foster three specific objectives within the school: 


  • Support ExHS Community Asset Projects and programming. This is consistent with Dan’s dream to give students the freedom to explore who they are, discover what problems they care about and use tools, resources, and support to understand and solve these problems in the community.


  • Birth of the Daniel Torkelson Strenge Memorial Library & Impact Lab. The Library and Lab will be used as a learning community at ExHS by day, and a place for public gatherings outside of school hours.

  • Launch the Daniel Torkelson Strenge Memorial Scholarship. We will give at least one $1,000 scholarship each year to a graduate of Exploration High School. The first graduating class in 2024 will mark the 10-year anniversary of Dan’s passing.

Thank you for sharing and remembering with us.

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